South East Scotland Christian Medical Fellowship are seeking to create a culture of living and speaking for Jesus in healthcare in SE Scotland


Next Big Thing

Watch this space for our next big thing. Otherwise see below for what we’re up to generally!

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What We Do

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Global: We want to think big about the impact we can have across the world

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Pastoral care and mentoring: We can help you in your journey, wherever you’re at. Email  wellbeing@cmf.org.uk for pastoral care & support.

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Junior Doctors: Get connected with what’s happening. Click here on your phone to join our WhatsApp group.

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Church: We aim to connect with local churches to help think about this life’s big questions.

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Medical Students: Link in with the Edinburgh Student CMF


Our Blog

Over time we will start adding thoughtful posts about local or national issues, written by members of our community. Please note, these posts are not necessarily approved by the national CMF organisation.

Get Equipped to Live and Speak for Jesus in Healthcare


Want to grow in your ability to articulate gospel truths in culturally applicable ways?

Want to grow in boldness and courage to clearly present the Gospel to both colleagues and patients?

We are keen to train and mentor a small cohort of members to grow your heart + gifts for evangelism and apologetics. At CMF we want to encourage Christian doctors, nurses/midwives + students to be witnesses for Christ amongst all they meet.


CMF throughout the UK

The Christian Medical Fellowship was founded in 1949 soon after the NHS itself. It aimed to be an organisation to connect and equip Christians doctors and medical students and to communicate an informed Christian perspective on ethical issues. Now that network has expanded to include nurses, midwives and students of these disciplines. We wholeheartedly recommend supporting this nationwide ministry.

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